Liberating the heoric spirit of people and companies.


  • Advocates of design thinking methods; we prefer stickies and markers, over PowerPoint presentations.
  • We’ll teach you to observe and talk to your customers, instead of just reading survey data.
  • We’ll show you how to effectively pull together folks from across your business to brainstorm and encourage extreme ideas.
  • Then, we’ll narrow it down to solutions that will wow! your customers and show you how to test quickly.

For as long as we can remember, decisions about which direction to go, what service to offer, and what changes to make, have been made by executive teams. We’re not saying that doesn’t work. We’re suggesting there’s a better way. 

What if you asked your customers what they needed? Or your employees? What if you allowed people from all levels in your organization to collaborate and brainstorm solutions? You can. You should. We’ll help.

The results are solutions your customers and employees want.

The folks at [day•sha] creative are passionate about catapulting your success into the realm of awesome. We’re a tribe of risk-taking corporate dare-devils who like to create movements of customer and employee engagement. 

We love to tinker with problems and will show you how to dissect experiences, examine the ingredients that matter most, and concoct new recipes that'll knock socks clean off. We’ll expose your teams to human centered methods. Build a culture of doers. And, increase employee and customer engagement with a fresh voice.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll never go back to the ‘old way’ of decision making.

  • engage

    Talk, ask, and listen
    to your customers.
  • define

    Define the challenge
    based on your customer's
    needs & wants.
  • ideate

    Ideas, ideas, ideas.
    From the wild to
    the tame.
  • create

    Fast, cheap,
    solutions you can test with
    your customers.
  • test

    Test early.
    Test again.


From big box to mom & pop; being small and nimble means we can take on the interesting and even odd challenges.

And who might you be?

You’re a retailer who needs to understand how your customers prefer to shop.

You’re a restauranteur who needs to understand the relationship between your physical space and customer so that you can create a better experience.

You provide an online service and need to understand why your customers are visiting but not engaging with your product.

You’re a hotelier who needs to understand how to improve your service model so that you can increase the number of repeat visitors.

You’re big company X and need to understand the needs of your employees to increase retention.

You’ve designed the next great thing and need to understand why people aren’t buying it.

Your office space is a cube-farm and you need to inspire folks to work together.

You recently attended a Design Thinking workshop and need help jump starting the movement back at the office.

Don’t see yourself here? Awesome! Let’s work together and get you on the list.


    • She’s a fanatical people watcher, borderline stalker.
    • Obsessed with good design.
    • Curator of an impressive collection of Mason Jars.
    • Reality show junkie.
    • In 2011 she rescued the word ‘blateration’ from extinction.

Dacia J. Faison Roe
Founder + Chief Sparker

Looking for the sweet spot where people, business and experience design intersect, Dacia [day•sha] has made a career innovating solutions through the lens of the customer and employee. With a child like curiosity, this part therapist, part MacGyver, isn’t afraid to tackle the gritty problems.

A self-confessed corporate rabble-rouser, Dacia gets a kick out of empathizing with users and uncovering insights to improve experiences. She’s facilitated Design Thinking based projects and workshops for teams near and far, and deeply believes it takes an army to affect change, but only one spark to ignite it. Finding those sparkers within companies is at the core of why she started [day•sha] creative.

In addition to her tinkering duties here at [day•sha] creative, Dacia can occasionally be found sharing her story and adventures at the Stanford, or scouring the Bay Area for new additions to her mid-century modern chair collection (we think she might need an intervention).


From bespoke workshops to partners in real life projects, it starts with getting to know each other. You start.